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What Eye Diseases Can a Regular Eye Exam Detect?

Regular eye exams can save your life. It’s a compelling enough reason to schedule your eye exam and attend the appointment.

Understanding the Link Between Diabetes and Eye Health

Diabetes is a severe health condition. It affects how your body processes blood sugar.

How Smoking Impacts Your Eye Health

Smoking is a harmful habit that can bring about detrimental effects on your health. It is a leading cause of respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and cancer. Many do not know that smoking can also cause significant harm to their eye health. Read on to learn more about how smoking impacts eye health.

Dry Eye Syndrome: Understanding the Symptoms and Causes

Dry eye syndrome affects millions of people globally. It is the result of the eyes not producing enough tears, or those produced evaporate too quickly. Understanding the causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome can help you manage and treat the condition better. Read on to learn more.

Is LASIK Vision Correction Surgery Right for You?

Many people with eyesight problems often choose LASIK as an alternative to corrective eyewear. It is one of the most popular laser vision correction options for people with refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. 

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

If you are considering switching to contact lenses, you are not alone. The CDC estimates that more than 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. Although contact use is common, many people do not appreciate the importance of contact lens exams and fittings. 

7 Tips to Help Relieve Dry Eye Discomfort This Winter

Dry eye is more commonly related to spring than to winter. However, the seasonal and lifestyle changes that come in winter can usually trigger or aggravate dry eye symptoms. Unlike spring, where environmental allergens trigger them, dry winter eye has more to do with the effects of the nature of the air on your eyes.

Should You Replace Prescription Lenses or Buy New Glasses?

If it is time to update your prescription, you need to decide whether to get new glasses or change the lenses. Do you love your current frames? Maybe you love the style, how they look on you, or how they fit. If so, you can have new lenses put in your current frames. 

5 Steps to Choosing the Best Eye Doctor Near You

Choosing an eye doctor is a vital medical health choice. After all, you will put the safety and health of your eyes and vision in your eye doctor's hands. Thus, the eye doctor needs to be proficient in eye care. 

3 Signs You Need to Find an Optometrist

Seeing an optometrist should be your top priority for the good of your eye health. Read on to know the signs that show you need to find an optometrist.

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