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What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

If you are considering switching to contact lenses, you are not alone. The CDC estimates that more than 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. Although contact use is common, many people do not appreciate the importance of contact lens exams and fittings. 

7 Tips to Help Relieve Dry Eye Discomfort This Winter

Dry eye is more commonly related to spring than to winter. However, the seasonal and lifestyle changes that come in winter can usually trigger or aggravate dry eye symptoms. Unlike spring, where environmental allergens trigger them, dry winter eye has more to do with the effects of the nature of the air on your eyes.

Should You Replace Prescription Lenses or Buy New Glasses?

If it is time to update your prescription, you need to decide whether to get new glasses or change the lenses. Do you love your current frames? Maybe you love the style, how they look on you, or how they fit. If so, you can have new lenses put in your current frames. 

5 Steps to Choosing the Best Eye Doctor Near You

Choosing an eye doctor is a vital medical health choice. After all, you will put the safety and health of your eyes and vision in your eye doctor's hands. Thus, the eye doctor needs to be proficient in eye care. 

3 Signs You Need to Find an Optometrist

Seeing an optometrist should be your top priority for the good of your eye health. Read on to know the signs that show you need to find an optometrist.

The Link Between Back-to-school Eye Exams and Academic Success

It is easy not to notice vision changes during school breaks. Instead of children reading and staring at whiteboards, they spend most of their time playing and having fun outside. But when they return to school, they can start showing various signs such as squinting to indicate vision problems. Back-to-school eye exams are essential to avoid such issues for their success in school. Read on to learn more.

How the Sun Damages Our Eyes

Staying out in the sun without the appropriate protection can damage your eyes. Therefore, it is ideal that you habitually wear 100 percent UV 400 protection. You can also wear wraparound sunglasses to block sunlight from affecting the sides of the face where the rays can enter. A wide-brimmed hat can protect your eyes and face from harmful sun rays. 

Protect Eyes From Sun Damage With UV Protection Sunglasses

Your eyes are a crucial part of your body. Taking care of them and shielding them from the sun is essential. Poor choice of sunglasses can jeopardize your eye health. It is ideal that you learn more about UV protection sunglasses and why they are crucial.

5 Reasons to Manage Your Child's Myopia With Ortho-k

Did you know that myopia affects about five percent of preschoolers, nine percent of school-age kids, and 30 percent of teenagers? Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, begins at about six years old and progresses as children become adults. Nearsightedness can either be mild or high, depending on the health of a child's eyes.

Which Specialty Contact Lens Is Right for You?

Did you know that there are different contact lenses for different conditions? Each contact lens type addresses a specific condition. Some contact lenses, like scleral lenses, can serve more than one condition. Whatever your need is, there is a contact lens for you.

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